From the Artist:

I paint to explore who I am and what it means to be alive in the twenty-first century. During this process my spirit and essence move through my arm and onto the canvas. When I create I am fully present. I give the whole of my existence to my work, and my hope is that my practice transcends time and dimension, causing the viewer to experience full awareness with each piece. My goal is to create a connection that brings to light a part of the self and identity of which the individual was not previously aware. 


Over time my painting began to move in a new direction and I found that the location of the finished work became increasingly important to me; these pieces needed to live in a well curated space. Art and environment are intricately linked, and the right piece in the right place creates a sense of well-being for the viewer. Thus, Maison Basil was born. 


Facilitating this connection between art and environment is something only a talented interior designer is able to accomplish. It takes a certain passion and skill set to understand the aesthetics, the ebb and flow, the lifeblood of a dwelling. Maison Basil serves to combine the efforts of myself as the artist, and you as the interior designer. Together we will find the perfect creation that ties the spirit of a place together.