Choice greetings, friends.

I’m writing to you from a table at Frothy Monkey, my usual neighborhood haunt. On my walk here this morning the temperature was around forty-degrees Fahrenheit, signaling that it’s almost time to don all layers. And just like that it’ll be November. Can you believe it? This year has proven to me that nothing is predictable, nothing is permanent, but gratitude is key for survival.
My motorcycle is out of commission yet again, the ol’ gal’s constant need for repair has become comical at best. This time? The gas tank that replaced the damaged one was painted on the inside, thereby causing the filter to clog with paint flakes once activated by the petrol – leaving her gasping for fuel. With each breakdown I am learning in droves, adding mechanic to my arsenal; and the metaphors for life abound. If you can have patience with inanimate objects you will grow. And it will pervade into the patience you have with others.
The large commission install was a mammoth success. I was commissioned by collectors of my work to create a piece that would span a twenty-five foot wall in their new home. A home they designed around this precise concept of having a vertical wall of my original art in an atrium, complete with skylights above. It was a rush of pure confidence in my growth as an artist as I stepped back and took in this accomplishment.

To update you on the new music being released – all is ready to go, I’m just waiting on the powers that be to approve everything at the distribution level. As soon as I can set a release date I will let you know via social media.
November second, this Friday, is the Franklin Art Scene. We will be open from 6:00 to 9:00 PM and hope to see you there. For the “Featured Piece” this month, and throughout the Holiday Season, I have approved an “in-store” special that will be available to you on Friday: All books are 2 for $40. As long as I can remember I have always loved receiving books as gifts, something about having a whole new world to explore right at your fingertips. Be sure to take advantage of this special for the book lover in your life. 

Take peace with you into November. I’ll speak with you soon!


A Vignette by Cory Basil

Photographer/Videographer Sam Bean spent three days here at Imaginebox Emporium documenting a day in the life. She perfectly captured the mood and pace of my world. Sam wanted to use original music of mine to set the tone so I gave her an instrumental piece that I wrote, composed, and performed, titled, “Fly Away With Me.” Visit Sam’s website for a broader view of her wonderful work.

Enjoy a look inside.

October Newsletter by Cory Basil


As I write to you, I’m looking out across the cemetery in front of my studio, watching as the trees begin to release their leaves through a misty rain. What a glorious time of year. I’ve been keeping busy with a handful of commissions, one of which is my largest piece yet. Each morning I work on my writings, be it journalling, short stories, or poetry. Apart from that, I take an occasional ride out into the country with my motorcycle, Ava. This has been a great way for me to practice presence and let go of the stresses of everyday life.

Seeing as it’s my favorite month, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” – a spooky original illustration of mine – will serve as the featured piece. Follow this link for a closer look and to purchase the original or a high-quality art print. 

October will see the release of new music by yours truly. For those who weren’t aware, creating and performing music has always been a great passion of mine. I had my first garage band at 16, and have accomplished much since. It’s what brought me to Nashville in 2007 and still bounces around in my heart from time to time – often appeased by simply playing a few songs here at the studio on my one-hundred year old upright piano. A new single, paired with a cover song, will be accessible on all digital fronts. Check my online accounts for a forthcoming release date.

I’ve brought a social-media coordinator on board to assist with keeping all ducks in a row, and to keep the interested in the know. Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for in-process paintings and glimpses into my everyday life; the interesting parts anyway. 

Stop by my studio/gallery, Imaginebox Emporium, on Friday, October the 5th from 6-9 pm for the Franklin Art Crawl. I’d love to spend a few minutes chatting with you. Enjoy a glass of wine and a donut or two while taking in the various avenues of my life and work. 

To inquire about commissioning an original piece of art you may email me at:

I’ll see you right here in your inbox next month, until then, Happy October.



Pumpkinfest by Cory Basil

Join us in celebrating our favorite time of year!

Imaginebox Emporium will have a booth on Main Street in Downtown Franklin stocked with books and art prints, as well as original paintings and illustrations. Stop by, say hello, and pick up a few Holiday gifts for those on your list.

The fun begins tomorrow, Saturday, October 29th, at 10:00 am and continues until 6:00 pm.
Hope to see you there!



The Next Act. by Cory Basil

Photograph by Paul Moir

Photograph by Paul Moir

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players ... "

My latest creative venture has me returning to the realm of acting. I am honored to have been cast in a production titled Since I Suppose from Australia-based theatre company, One step at a time like this, under the direction of Suzanne Kersten. This piece is based on Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, a work which confronts morality and corruption within the city walls. 

I have leapt from a beautiful collaborative experience, creating on canvas with one of my favorite living artists Jimmy Abegg, into performing in this innovative theatre piece. My life is as much of a riddle to me as it is to you. Somewhere along the journey I learned to let go of the reigns and walk through every open door. Each day births something new, and for this I am indubitably grateful. 

For the next month you will find me writing my new book, usually at Frothy Monkey in Franklin, in the mornings, and performing on the streets of Nashville in Since I Suppose throughout the afternoon and well into the black of night. Odds are, I'll only be recognizable at Frothy Monkey. 
My gallery in Franklin, Imaginebox Emporium, will remain open during this time, maned by trustworthy cohorts. Fall hours are Friday and Saturday 11:00 - 4:00 PM. We will also be open tonight (Friday, October 7th) with wine, donuts, and my latest paintings for the Franklin Art Scene 6:00 - 9:00 PM.

What exactly is Since I Suppose? Well, it's a secret. It's an experience. It's Shakespeare without the twisted tongue. It's a journey throughout the city, literally. It will challenge your thinking, it will make you question your belief structure, it will make you uncomfortable ... and it may cause your skin to crawl. 
For one-hundred-and-forty minutes you are living inside of a movie, complete with soundtrack, ambiance, and plenty of suspense. It begins with an email instructing you to arrive at a specific location, upon arrival your world will change with a phone call.
Oh, and one more thing, it's one person at a time.

Without the love and passion of OZ Arts Nashville, our all-things-creative-and-cutting-edge spearhead, this production may have passed over Nashville – many thanks to the team over there. If you plan on attending, this show is 21+ due to adult themes. Dress for the weather and wear your walking shoes. Tickets start at $75.00 and can be purchased online by clicking HERE. Rumor has it there are just under 50 tickets remaining. 

Happy fall to you,



Creating Fishboy, Part III by Cory Basil

Hello there!

Yes, Brian and I have finished our Fishboy sculpture. What a relief on all fronts. My body still doesn't know what to do with itself after the schedule and workload it has had to endure, in due time I hope to normalize.
Now then, Part III of the "Making of" series is here for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy the process as it shows us moving from final shaping of the foam, to the first layer of sealant, and on into fiberglass.

Cheers, and Happy 4th to you all!

Creating Fishboy, Part II by Cory Basil

Greetings, Friends!

The 11th Hour is upon us. It is time to burn all candles at both ends if our sculpture is to meet the deadline. As promised, here is the next installment of Fishboy's creation process. You will see Brian and I working at breakneck speed, as hours fly by in milliseconds, via the beauty of time-lapse. I guesstimate there will be two more videos giving a glimpse of the process, followed by a look at him fully installed on site. Thank you for following along with me on this journey through another exciting creation!


The Rebirth of Fishboy, the Sculpture. by Cory Basil


Cory here, it's been a long time coming, and we'd thought the opportunity had all but vanished, as our larger than life Fishboy sculpture was finally surrendered to be scrap for other works.
For just under two years he lay in pieces in the woods behind Brian's shop as we sought funding to give him a permanent home to be enjoyed by many. 

A temporary version of Fishboy was created by Brian Somerville and I from a small maquette sculpture I made out of clay. We worked at a maddening pace to finish him in two weeks time for my show titled Here Lies Cory Basil, which was put on by the wonderful art lovers at OZ Arts Nashville, a retrospective of sorts featuring a vast array of my creative endeavors. 

One month ago I received an unexpected phone call – in short, an opportunity to resurrect Fishboy. After much negotiation and planning I am beyond thrilled to announce that Fishboy, once completed, will have a permanent home in downtown Nashville. He will live at the all new First Tennessee Park, which houses baseball's Nashville Sounds. The Sounds are building a miniature golf course down the right field line and Fishboy will sit in view of the stadium seats at hole number eight, aptly titled, Fishboy's Perilous Putt. 

Brian and I are once again under the gun with a small window of time to complete Fishboy before the opening of the putting course. The old wooden frame had to be replaced with a steel one, causing a Frankenstein approach to piecing the styrofoam innards around his new skeleton. Once rebuilt, we must make ready for him to live outside and take a beating from the weather, small children, and adults with putters ... who've most likely consumed too much of the poison. 

I am documenting our construction of Fishboy with a GoPro, giving us a fun look at many, many hours of work in just seconds, via time-lapse. Check back with this News Feed and sign up for our mailing list to remain afloat on my creative stream.

And lastly, a question that I've been asked over and again since the release of The Perils of Fishboy: A Tale Split in Two ... WHERE IS BOOK TWO!?!?!

Yes, book two is written. It has been for some time now. Gifting you full disclosure: I made the decision to place it on hold while I sought out a larger platform for the Fishboy series to be released on. I want to give Fishboy the biggest reach possible. I have no problem with a small following of readers, I don't live my life seeking fame, however, as artists may grown on trees, money does not. And in order to continue living my life full throttle as a creative, and in order to continue writing the adventures of Fishboy, it must be financially beneficial. This journey, much like the sculpture, has had many highs, lows, and almosts – yet with perseverance I believe I will get there. And you will finally get book two, which is an incredible part of Fishboy's story. I love it so much and can't wait for you to drink it in. 

With that I bid you farewell, it's back to work for me. Thank you all for your love and support of this wild-child life of mine.

Much love,


Post-script: I am happy to be working with Brian Somerville again, his brilliant creativity is matched by his professionalism and kindness. Be sure to visit Brian's website to see his amazing creations!

Cory Basil Opens Studio | Gallery in Historic Franklin Tennessee by Cory Basil

Fresh from his time living in Paris, Cory Basil celebrates his return to US soil by opening his studio and showroom to the public.

On the quiet fringe of Historic Franklin, next to the old City Cemetery, sits a cozy yellow house built in the thirties. Here’s where the artist and author Cory Basil creates as the clock spins from day to night, and back again. 

At Imaginebox Emporium you will find a plethora of original works, and most often times, Basil himself. The walls of the two main showrooms are filled with Basil’s creations, painted using multiple mediums, including watercolor, oil, and gauche.

Also on hand are various original sculpture works, high quality art prints, and Basil’s published works of literature and poetry, including The Perils of Fishboy and Everything You’ve Heard is True. Here, you can commission Basil to create a work of art that is fully unique and reflective of you or a loved one. Stop in and take home a treasure that’s all your own.

Imaginebox Emporium’s Summer hours are 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Thursday through Saturday. Basil is also happy to announce that Imaginebox Emporium has been added to the Downtown Franklin Art Scene, which takes place on the first Friday night of every month. The Emporium will also hold the occasional opening night events, both private and public, as new collections are unveiled. 

This Friday, May 6th, from 6 - 9 PM, during the Franklin Art Scene, marks the first opening of the doors to Imaginebox Emporium. You are invited to be the first to take in Historic Franklin’s newest art space. Come and visit a spell, enjoy a glass of wine, and purchase original art from Cory Basil. Imaginebox Emporium is located at 311 North Margin Street in Franklin, Tennessee

Whatever your social media poison may be, dive in and follow Imaginebox Emporium on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and stay up to date on the latest happenings.

Please join Cory Basil’s mailing list by clicking here.