Choice greetings, friends.

I’m writing to you from a table at Frothy Monkey, my usual neighborhood haunt. On my walk here this morning the temperature was around forty-degrees Fahrenheit, signaling that it’s almost time to don all layers. And just like that it’ll be November. Can you believe it? This year has proven to me that nothing is predictable, nothing is permanent, but gratitude is key for survival.
My motorcycle is out of commission yet again, the ol’ gal’s constant need for repair has become comical at best. This time? The gas tank that replaced the damaged one was painted on the inside, thereby causing the filter to clog with paint flakes once activated by the petrol – leaving her gasping for fuel. With each breakdown I am learning in droves, adding mechanic to my arsenal; and the metaphors for life abound. If you can have patience with inanimate objects you will grow. And it will pervade into the patience you have with others.
The large commission install was a mammoth success. I was commissioned by collectors of my work to create a piece that would span a twenty-five foot wall in their new home. A home they designed around this precise concept of having a vertical wall of my original art in an atrium, complete with skylights above. It was a rush of pure confidence in my growth as an artist as I stepped back and took in this accomplishment.

To update you on the new music being released – all is ready to go, I’m just waiting on the powers that be to approve everything at the distribution level. As soon as I can set a release date I will let you know via social media.
November second, this Friday, is the Franklin Art Scene. We will be open from 6:00 to 9:00 PM and hope to see you there. For the “Featured Piece” this month, and throughout the Holiday Season, I have approved an “in-store” special that will be available to you on Friday: All books are 2 for $40. As long as I can remember I have always loved receiving books as gifts, something about having a whole new world to explore right at your fingertips. Be sure to take advantage of this special for the book lover in your life. 

Take peace with you into November. I’ll speak with you soon!