Day 1: Destination BEA, NYC. / by Cory Basil

Wonderful Sunday day -- and night.
Arrived at StudioVilla at 1am.
Listened to someone talk about their problems for over an hour.
Kept nodding off.
Slipped away unnoticed.
Probably not.
Slept till 6am. Drove to living quarters. Stuffed all clothes in army duffle bag. Drove back to StudioVilla. Walked to Bongo Java / Breakfast with Donny: Eggs, Hash, Coffee. Shook my head at Donny's antics. Shared stalker voicemails with Donny. Laughed. Dropped Donny off in Brentwood so he could add more antics to the equation. Met up with publishers. Loaded road vehicle with remaining marketing material for BookExpo America in NYC. Departure: 10am. Goodbye Nashville.
Press Play: Meg Myers, Kacey Musgraves, C2C, Daft Punk, Michael Bolton (guilty-pleasure song). Tried to catch up on text messages –– failed. Played with photo filters on pictures of us at yesterday's wedding. Press Play: Mitch Hedberg, Frank Sinatra. Studied the blue staggering layers of the Smoky Mountains ahead. Thought about dying in a car crash. Fell asleep folded in the passenger seat. Dreamt of a hippopotamus who walked upright wearing a giant yellow dress. Woke up thinking we were going to crash as we were cut off and the driver slammed the brakes. Felt my forehead where a giant dent had been gifted to me by the armrest which I gracefully slept upon. Starbucks: Tall Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Press Play: Patty Griffith, Incredible Unreleased Michael Tait song, Morrison reading poetry, Depp reading Morrison's poetry. Pearl Jam. Feel the need to relieve myself, I hold it. Holding it. Driver passes a rest stop. Still holding it. Flashback of family road trip sitting in the back of a green 1978 Datsun as a little guy –– holding it. No longer able to hold it. Sister screams bloody murder. Trouble ensues from pissing me-self. Flashforward. Still holding it. Lesson learned. Driver stops. Surprisingly clean bathroom. Toe-tingling relief. Always wash hands. Full tank. Sandwich eaten. Commandeer driver seat. Press Play: Oasis, Depeche Mode, Michael Kiwanuka, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube, Justin Timberlake, Girl Talk. Drive for what feels like an eternity. Finally locate another Starbucks: Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte, Banana Bread. Continue driving. Ass falls asleep. Arms fall asleep. Back screams at me. End of day's destination finally reached. Fairfield Inn, Strasburg, VA. Unload overstuffed Army duffle bag. Throw on shorts. Swim laps in ten foot pool. Sit in Hot Tub. Get high from chlorine overload. Pull self from Hot Tub. Shower. Toothpaste forgotten by all. Talk to crazy game show host voiced desk clerk. Commandeer tiny toothpaste packets. Brush teeth. Write this strange, almost incoherent and pointless, blog post. Post posting blog post: Begin "A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald." Pass out after first page.
This has been a riveting account of Day 1, thank you for your participation. © Cory Basil 2013