November ... Already?! / by Cory Basil


[Press play, Island of Souls by the artist Sting fills the audible waves. Begin writing blog post.]

Hello All,

Much to catch you up on, little time to do so. 2013 has been one hell of a year. Major highs, major lows -- a spectacular roller coaster ride, if you will. My first young reader novel, The Perils of Fishboy, has had its soft release and I am presently gearing up for the big launch on December the 7th -- more about that shortly. I took said book to two festivals this year: Book Expo America in New York City and the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. Results are still being tallied, but much was learned. Not to mention, I was able to trek across Europe as well as spend more time in my favorite US city. I have begun writing the follow up to book one of The Perils of Fishboy as well as preparing and crafting new writings for a 2014 release of an all new book of poetry titled The Mighty Pen. This is how I will close out 2013.

Now then, on to a few things to know to be in the know:

A wonderful hometown tangible magazine presented a feature perfectly portraying the madness that I am. You may read-all-about-it by pressing down on your mouse button after hovering over the image below.

My good friend Stu G, formerly of the band Delirious?, has released his solo EP Of Burdens, Birds and Stars -- in digital, compact disc and vinyl form. He entrusted my brain to concept and create the art for the album that would best represent both he and the songs. I was thrilled to do so and very happy with the results. If you peruse this here blog you will find a time-lapse film portraying a bit of my process in creating the album art. Do click below to give the songs a listen and download them digitally, it is a superb collection.

And last, but certainly not deceased, December the 7th. Now less than a month away ... goodness me, I must stop writing and get back to preparing. The fine folks at Barnes & Noble on West End will be putting on a most delightful event to celebrate the release of The Perils of Fishboy: A Tale Split in Two. I do hope you can make it, mark your calendars and plan on bringing the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest. I don't want to give away too many secrets just yet, but Fishboy will be taking over the store in its entirety -- massive window displays, a 3D diorama and much, much more. I'll be there to scribble my name across books, art prints and whatever else won't wash off. There will be wine and cheese, and cheese and wine and a really swell and good time. Saturday, December the 7th at 7:00 PM. Click below to mark yourself a go on the facebook event page!

I do think that about covers it for now, oh ... if you would, please enter your email address and name at the link atop this website so that I may do a better job of keeping in touch with my goings on, and gift you fun digital things from time to time: like new poetry and art wallpapers and my firstborn -- things like such as.

My best to you, thanks for paying attention to this all-hands-on-deck artist trying to navigate the stormy seven seas in a leaky boat.

Cheers, cB