Day 3: Light or Dark? / by Cory Basil

This morning found us lugging our BookExpo booth setup paraphernalia a mile and a quarter and wishing we'd just shipped it ahead. Then we continued the quest to have a drink in every known haunt of bygone authors. Today's stops included Minetta Tavern and McSorley's, where the only question asked is "light or dark?" Both places held their own charm and nostalgia, but the food at Minetta took the prize. I walked enough to erase today's caloric intake twice over, which is a good thing after consuming that butterscotch ice cream sundae at Serendipity 3. The MoMA was exceptionally delightful this time around as I saw Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" for the first time in person. My footed adventure also included seeing the One World Trade Tower piercing the sky, and a couple of favorite churches: St. Thomas and Trinity. This afternoon I picked up a new Moleskine journal at a bookstore on 5th and wrote poetry while looking out at Lady Liberty from Battery Park after the sun left –– as the locals tried their wares at night fishing. The remainder of the evening found me reminiscing about the french girl who got away the last time I was wayfaring in Manhattan. C'est la vie.