Day 4: Day 1 of BookExpo America / by Cory Basil

Today was a little rough on this ol' introvert -- talking all day about myself and my "product." I'd rather hide in a cave and throw art out the cave's mouth ever so often for someone to collect and put on display somewhere. Yet I've zero room to complain, I'm in Manhattan feeling the beat of the city syncopating with my imagination. It's a beautiful and wonderful thing. Today we announced the title and revealed the cover of my next book, The Perils of Fishboy: A Tale Split in Two. It's been well received thus far, and many are loving the illustrations and synopsis. More details on that for you soon.
The sun set as we sat on the balcony of a friend of a friend's home and watched the Empire State Building illuminate against the night sky -- quite a site to see. And the evening came to a close as we sat in a diner on 9th as the whole place turned very Seinfeld all of a sudden, leaving us wondering just where the check was and when Kramer would come bouncing through the door. I booked tickets for a "show" I heard about a couple years ago called Sleep No More, and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I can't wait for tomorrow's sun to leave me with the moon and this show. That'll do Pig, that'll do.