To Be Tossed at Sea by Cory Basil

To Be Tossed at Sea I give my dreams To the sea For I fear God No longer Hears me.

Whatever Comes back Be it this Or Be it that I’ll force Mind To know It is Meant To be had.


© Cory Basil 2012 [ published, Skinny Dipping in Daylight, 2012]

like sunlight through the clouds by Cory Basil

like sunlight through the clouds I had set the old guitar against the freshly painted stone coloured wall and leaned into the furs draped over my worn leather chair. she lifted her upper body slowly from my bed across the room, her hair was a tangled mess of brunette wonder – i loved it that way. the sheets were twisted about, yet neatly tucked just above her breasts.

with half squinting, barely awake eyes of mascara mess, she spoke with a smoky velvet voice

baby, what are you doing?

i've been traveling all morning

from that chair?

yes, this chair and your beauty have taken me to far away places

now there lover, come crawl under these linens with me there is no more need to dream.

© Cory Basil 2o13  [ from the forthcoming release - The Mighty Pen 2014 ]

like shedding skin by Cory Basil

like shedding skin the human experience, as i have known it to be, is a collection of establishing and moving on. we find something we long for it we obtain it we hold on to it, and eventually we are forced to let it go. nothing stays the same, even we change. our body changes our skin deteriorates, under the ever changing sun, and our organs fail us leaving shells to rot in the dust or to be burned into ash. evolution revolution confusion reset button, this is how we thrive how we survive. if everything we know turns into something new i figure there must be a preceding chapter, a next thing to follow this thing, something new to establish to move to lose.

© Cory Basil 2o13  [ from the forthcoming release - The Mighty Pen 2014 ]