The Shovel & The Hare Pre-release / by Cory Basil

Hello friends,
Stopping by ye olde website to let you know about my latest release: The Shovel & The Hare. This book was born out of a short fable I wrote which colorfully portrays the value of hard work. My publishers and I agreed that we should combine with this a collection of hand-picked favorites from my previously published book Skinny Dipping in Daylight and, as a major bonus, a decent amount from my Fall of 2014 release Everything You've Heard is True. This is a book I'm thrilled to let see the light of day, as it not only houses my latest writings of poetry and prose but also a small section dedicated to showcasing my personal photography over the years. Photography, I believe, speaks poetry transcendent of language.
Without further ado, the good news: You only have have to wait two weeks to recieve The Shovel & The Hare. And because of my obsession with the number 11, my publisher has agreed to humor me a little by allowing me to pre-release the book to you on the 11th of May at a cost of $11.11 plus shipping. Silly? Yes. Awesome? Also, yes. The Shovel & The Hare's street release date is May 20th, so you'll get the book at a discount and recieve it a week early. But wait — there's more ... I will also scribble my name in your copy if you order directly from Fog Ink Publishing by clicking this here link ---> click this link. And you may click it right this very second to pre-order. The magic of the internets. After the official release date, the 20th of May, the price will hold at $12.99 through Fog Ink Publishing.
That's all for now, more from me later. I've got to run to the studio to finish 14 paintings by this weekend. Wish me luck!